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Interview with Jonathan Horowitz – Founder of Convive Hospitality Consulting

In this episode we interview Jonathan Horowitz, Founder of Convive Hospitality Consulting. We have a great conversation about his new project and how he built a wine bar empire as a lawyer.

To learn more about Convive Hospitality Consulting: convivehc.com

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Tom Moxcey’s Out of the Box Thinking

This week’s interview is with Tom Moxcey, former CEO of Rock Bottom, Old Chicago’s and Charlie Browns. Tom talks about his amazing career starting in Boulder, CO in 1970 through today where he is a restaurant gun for hire that will come in and fix broken restaurants by actually managing them, not just consulting and moving to the next project. Tom spends some time talking about the prestige of working at restaurants and how he feels that has been degraded over time and some of what he believes will be the unintended consequences of the current minimum wage increases. This is a great interview that you don’t want to miss.

To contact Tom, you can reach him through LinkedIn at by clicking here.