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Interview With Trevor Morones And Chef RL – With Control Point

In this episode we interview Chef RL and Trevor Morones from Control Point. FYI: this is the longest episode we have ever recorded and we talk about a ton of stuff, there is also kitchen app. Chef RL and Trevor were both chefs in NYC, they are now consultants that help develop food safety systems and conduct training. I really enjoyed listening to their career progressions.

Interview With Patrick Hilton – CEO Of Penguin Point Restaurants

In this episode we interview Patrick Hilton, CEO of Penguin Point Restaurants. What I really got out of this interview was Patricks excitement for the Penguin Point Brand and how they adapted to the new technologies that COVID caused them to implement.

Interview With Denon Moore – CEO Of The Urban Cookie

In this episode we interview Denon Moore. Denon is the CEO and Founder of the Urban Cookie. I think what I really connected with in this interview was Denon’s experience hiring and working with friends and family and how her experience paralleled our experience at my last company.
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Interview With Paul Baldasaro – CEO Of The Hickory Tavern

In this episode we interview Paul Baldasaro, CEO of The Hickory Tavern. I think the big highlight for me on this episode was hearing how important team and culture are to the Hickory Tavern and trying to get people back into restaurants to have fun.

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How OpsAnalitica Is Different From The Competitors

When your business started out, restaurant operations were easy enough. You knew the place inside and out, and you could pivot quickly to implement changes when an issue arose. You didn’t even need an operations management platform to know what needed to be done.

Now your business is significantly larger – and still growing. There are times when you can sense that there is an issue, but you don’t know exactly what it is or even how to address it. ‌

Maybe you’ve invested in another restaurant checklist software, or maybe this is your first time researching a solution. You landed here with OpsAnalitica for exactly  two reasons:

  1. What you’re doing isn’t working for your business.‌
  2. You think we might be able to help provide a solution. ‌

And we can. That’s where OpsLogic comes in. Our proprietary logic engine doesn’t have any competition in the restaurant industry. Our cutting-edge system gives you flexible business rules to make tracking down issues easier than it has ever been. ‌

You may think you have a handle on managing your daily processes and audits, but until you’re doing it in real-time with the OpsAnalitica dashboard, you’re not maximizing your potential. With all of your data funneling through our interactive dashboards, you can identify operational hotspots immediately and take care of them without relying on lagging indicators or anecdotal evidence from managers. ‌

We will offer our expertise in the restaurant industry to address your pain points and help you set up a workflow to improve your restaurant operations. If you try something out and it doesn’t work, that’s OK. Our operations management platform isn’t one size fits all. OpsLogic is designed to allow you to tweak your workflow and try something different until you have that ah-ha moment. ‌‌

That’s how OpsAnalitica is different from other systems. OpsAnalitica is the only solution that offers personalization of your processes down to location, shift, and user levels. We know that successful adoption by your team is paramount to success. That’s why we developed a solution with a smoother end-user experience in mind. ‌

When it doesn’t feel like extra work, your team will be on board because of the efficiency our dashboards offer to their roles in identifying and remediating potential issues before they affect customers negatively. You’re not giving them more work. You’re lifting operational burdens from their shoulders and transferring them into the cloud. ‌

A Solution for Every Problem

Lack of Real-time Visibility‌

Before OpsAnalitica, real-time visibility only existed for the managers within a single restaurant location. There was no way to funnel issues up through the organization for problem-solving at a higher level. Remediation didn’t happen until the issues were already negatively affecting your business. OpsAnalitica removes the guesswork. No more researching issues for days and weeks. Identify a problem and implement a solution almost immediately.‌

Processes Managed On Paper‌

If your employees are responsible for memorizing pages and pages of information from training, you may be facing high turnover. OpsAnalitica empowers your employees with the knowledge and resources they need to be successful. When data is readily available, corrective actions are better implemented, and your processes improve. ‌

Avoidable Mistakes

When you make decisions based on incomplete or inaccurate data, it could cost your business millions of dollars. You’re either guessing what the right thing to do is, or working with a false sense of security. ‌

When your data lags, so does your decision-making. You can’t implement a solution on data that’s weeks old, if not older. OpsAnalitica closes the gap, so your decisions are made in real-time. ‌

Lack of Collaboration‌

Your brand has dozens of locations across a geographic area. You expect collaboration for brand and quality consistency, but how do you achieve that without a real-time solution?‌‌

OpsAnalitica allows multiple users within your organization to work on the same processes and tasks at the same time from different devices, with all of the data going to the cloud. ‌

Contactless auditing has benefited greatly from this feature. If you identify a problem at one of your locations, you can prevent it from ever entering the equation at your other locations.‌

OpsAnalitica gives you the tools to make your business the best it can be. We don’t have any competition in the restaurant industry because our solution stands apart from other restaurant checklist software systems.‌

Your team feels empowered to implement meaningful solutions based on real data. Your customers see a team that is confident in their roles at each of your locations – a seamless experience no matter when or where they visit. You see an organization that is ready to face any challenge that comes your way with solutions backed by real-time data.

Interview With Brett Ireland – CEO Of Bear Hill Brewing

In this episode we interview Brett Ireland, CEO of Bear Hill Brewing. Bear Hill Brewing owns brewery restaurants, they sell their beer across Canada, and they are currently distilling and aging spirits. We discuss Brett’s career and how Bear Hill has fared over the last year, and why they are so optimistic about the future.

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Interview with Brendan Shaw & Jeff Davis from Zeto America

In this episode we speak with Brendan Shaw and Jeff Davis from Zeto America. Zeto America is an IoT company that works with companies to set-up IoT monitoring solutions around temp, humidity, and equipment health. Their clients work in hospitality, medical, cannabis and manufacturing.

To learn more about Zeto America:

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