Welcome to OpsAnalitica.com, we are a Restaurant Checklist and Reporting company.


Founded in 2015 by me, Tommy Yionoulis (left), and Erik Tversland(right), you can refer to us as Tommy & Erik, as our last names are a mouthful. This picture was taken at this year’s NRA show, the guy in the middle is Keith Jones, Executive Chef for Honey Smoked Salmon, and my boss back in 1994 at the Metropolitan Club in Denver.

Our platform was designed to help you run Better, Safer, and more Profitable restaurants by providing you with more manager accountability and location visibility.

“We haven’t had one temperature violation since starting with OpsAnalitica.” Nick Papagiannakis – Area Manager Charlie Browns

The OpsAnalitica Platform is the third restaurant inspection app I’ve built; I’ve been doing this for a while. The first version was born out of necessity when I was working for Quiznos as the RSC Operations Leader back in 08 & 09.

My bosses came to me and said that I had to aggregate all of the store inspection results together and the prospect of managing the inspection, collection and data entry of 4,000 plus restaurant inspection forms every quarter made me want to puke.

So I taught myself how to work on this very simple coding platform and built a digital inspector. It was the first time that the Quiznos executive team had access to this kind of data in real time.

The OpsAnalitica Inspector platform is awesome, we have our inspector app and management & reporting portal. The Inspector App, you use it to complete checklists, is an occasionally connected web app built on the Bootstrap platform, bootstrap is used by Twitter.

Translation, you don’t need WiFi to conduct inspections, and the app works on any device (phones & tablets) and any OS (iOS, Windows, Android).

Our Management and Reporting Portal is built on a BMP stack and provides you with features that none of our competitors have: drag and drop report builder and the ability for our larger clients to build customizations and have their own instances of the platform.

We designed the platform to have all of the features and functionality that I would have required when I was working at Quiznos and managing this stuff. The coolest thing is that the OpsAnalitica platform scales from single units, small chains, to large chains effortlessly.

We aren’t just another software company; we are a restaurant software company, staffed with restaurant veterans from all levels of the business. We only focus on restaurants because that is the business that we know and love but also because we want to develop the most innovative features and functionality in the industry.

We want you to use the Inspector and be thinking, are these guys reading my mind this is exactly how I would have built this.

We are also thought leaders in the restaurant industry. We have developed our proprietary best practice model for restaurant self-inspection and our SMART Pre-Shift Checklist a holistic daily checklist that ensures you are running safer restaurants and gathering key operations decision-making data.

If you have read this far then, I want to leave you with this. We are a small company and if you ever have a question or comment, just reach out to us and I guarantee you that one of the founders will respond. If you would like to contact me directly, please email me at Tommy@opsanalitica.com.

By Tommy Yionoulis – MBA, Co-Founder and Managing Director, OpsAnalitica


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