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The only way to be truly successful with any software solution is to implement it correctly and consistently manage the platform ongoing. With the OpsAnalitica Managed Service we do all that for you for the same price as the other guys who make you manage their app by yourself. It couldn’t be any easier for you.


Take the Guesswork Out of Daily Restaurant Ops

Schedule out your daily and weekly task-lists for your staff and let them know exactly what needs to be done when. There’s no guessing, simply choose the task-list on the schedule and complete it on time. 

The Task-list Scheduler saves time and it couldn’t be any easier to use. 

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Complete Operations Visibility in Real-time

Get real-time updates on what has/hasn’t been done and critical violations pushed directly to your device and on the Management Dashboard – a one stop view into your daily operations on any device at any time. 

The dashboard is populated automatically as work is completed. It’s never been easier to ensure that all your checklists are being completed diligently and on time.

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Get Things Done Right the First Time

If you are tired of asking people to do things and they don’t get done. Then you need to use the OpsAnalitca Task Management system. Quickly assign tasks to one or more people, track their status updates, and get notified when tasks are completed or late.

With our inbox view, you can easily identify the status of all of your tasks and concentrate your follow-up where it is needed – saving you time and stress.

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Action Plans That Work

One of the hardest thing for Auditors to do is keep up on all of the action plan items that they create for their restaurants.  Now Auditors can leverage the power of OpsAnalitica’s Task Management system and create tasks right off of failed checks, assign it to a team member, and track its status and completion.

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Hold Your Managers Accountable

You will know that your team is executing perfectly every shift with OpsAnalitica’s Accountability Management. We track checklist duration, start and finish times, and location in the background. Real-time validation and corrective actions are triggered as questions are answered. 

The app is as easy to use as paper, but you get all the accountability and access to data that comes with a digital solution.

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Need to get a message to every person on your team regardless if they have a corporate email account or not? Use the OpsAnalitica App to Message Your OpsAnalitica Users right through the system.

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Bluetooth Thermometers Increase Accuracy

OpsAnalitica and ThermoWorks have partnered to integrate their Bluetooth Thermometers and the OpsAnalitica Platform together.  Using Bluetooth Thermometers will speed up your line checks and increase temperature accuracy.

Our clients are having great success with the Thermapen Blue and BlueTherm One.

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Voice to Text Comments Speed Up Audits

Speed up your audits and daily checklists with voice to text comments. Capture all of your thoughts quickly and concisely without having to type. Voice to text functionality works across all text boxes.

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We are running better restaurants and have higher sales since implementing the OpsAnalitica Platform.
Nick - Regional Manager, CB Brands
OpsAnalitica has been great for us. Their system allows our multi-unit operators to record and score store visitations. We have established a specific grading system to help the stores achieve excellence in their operations. Along with the score we include pictures, notes, and follow up instructions to allow the system to be used as a learning tool for the operators. We utilize the system on notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. Very versatile and easy to use. The system also has a simple administration component allowing our corporate office to centrally add and remove new locations, users, etc. All in all a very comprehensive and easy to use system.
Dave - VP IT, CIO, Strategist, at Consolidated Restaurant Operations, Inc.
What I like is the versatility for the cost. I mean just to digitize my time and temp inspections is worth the price, but we're getting so much more.
Doug - COO, BEC Group
We have been using the OpsAnalitica platform to conduct our Quality Assurance inspections with our restaurants. Previously, we were using a paper version were scores had to be totaled up, and copies sent out to the restaurants at a later time. Since using the OpsAnalitica platform our inspection process is seamless. Pictures of items noted can be taken and are posted along side of the note for the specific area. Once an inspection is complete, it is easily reviewable, scores tallied and a link to the inspection can be emailed right away. This has changed the inspection process from a full day to a few hours. Also the team at OpsAnalitica has been very helpful when adjustments or edits need to be made to the inspection.
Warren - Director of Operations at Cheeseburger Bobbys / Huey Lueys

1 Million+ Inspections Completed

2.8 Million+ Temperatures Recorded

10 Million+ Questions Answered


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