We have invented a little thing we call the Virtual Assistant Manager. Are you wasting hours per day micro managing? Would you like a system that will alert to critical violations and when critical tasks are being completed?

  • Real-time late and critical violations notifications
  • Task management drives on-time task completion
  • Ops Dashboard with drill-down detail gives you a complete picture of your organization's operations
  • Use the Scorecard to compare auditors and locations to the rest of the chain

Case Studies

Learn how our clients are using and benefiting from the most intuitive platform available

CRO already had an audit platform in place, but it was weak in mobile capability. Making changes and customizations were not able to be made by CRO’s team, rather they needed to request changes from the software vendor. Read full case study here: CRO Case Study

Warren knew that his time was more valuable. If he could take the time that was being wasted on busy work and put that towards coaching and revenue generating activities everyone involved would benefit. Read full case study here: Cheeseburger Bobby’s Case Study

The BEC Group is lowering food cost by 1.2% by managing their restaurants with daily checklists on the OpsAnalitica platform. On top of that they are seeing an increase in productivity and sales as well as a decrease in self identified critical violations. Read full case study here: Zaxby’s Case Study

With 22 years in the business, and 16 years at Charlie Brown’s Fresh Grill, Papagiannakis has seen his share of changes, and he’s recently been wowed by the benefits of a new app technology that’s focused on optimizing Charlie Brown’s restaurant operations. Read the full case study here: Charlie Brown’s Fresh Grill Case Study 

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